Icecat (ISIN: NL0012751226) suspends activities in Russia and Belarus. Half a million euros for UAid aid fund for Ukrainian colleagues

Amsterdam, March 9, 2022: Icecat suspends its activities for the Russian and Belarusian markets due to the invasion of Ukraine from these countries. The impact on revenue, content production or software development of this decision is limited.

To support Ukrainian colleagues and their families, Icecat has made 250K euros available through UAid.Charity. An initiative that was taken together with Futurumshop, which also invests 250K euros, and other colleague companies with a strong Ukrainian presence. The first focus is on relocations and support for families who have fled to safe locations.

About Icecat N.V.

Listed on the NPEX stock exchange since 2017, Icecat is a profitable and fast[1]growing online publisher and syndicator of product information serving the global ecommerce market. Icecat services globally tens of thousands of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Rakuten, Wehkamp, BOL, and further hundreds of brands, including Intel, Microsoft, Philips, Akzo, TomTom, HP, DELL, Lego, and Akzo Nobel.

Icecat currently includes the subsidiaries Iceshop B.V., Syndy B.V., Cedemo B.V., Icecat LLC (Icecat Ukraine) and Icecat Content Sourcing OÜ (Icecat Estonia). Icecat Ukraine and Icecat Estonia are responsible for hiring editor and software developer capacity. Iceshop and Syndy are specialists in e-commerce integrations and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions in the tech and supermarket sectors respectively.

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