10 January 2017 – After just 60 days since its IPO announcement, Icecat has reached the minimum subscription level of digital receipts (2.5 million Euro) at the Dutch online SME stock exchange NPEX.

We are very happy to have achieved this milestone, Icecat is a profitable and rapidly-growing company, working with the top players in the ecommerce sector” says Icecat CEO, Martijn Hoogeveen.

It is possible to subscribe to digital receipts of new shares in Icecat N.V. at NPEX until 10th February 2017, as stated in the documentation (Brochure and Prospectus).

Why is Icecat raising capital? Icecat sees many opportunities for further growth in product data for toys, health & beauty, Do-It-Yourself and grocery items. Furthermore, Icecat will invest in its sales offices, improving its product information management system and acquire local competitors.

Icecat’s CEO interviewed in the big Dutch magazine Elsevier’s Christmas edition

Icecat’s IPO has received a lot of media attention in the Netherlands. The magazine “Elsevier” dedicated a full page within its Christmas special edition to the interview of Martijn Hoogeveen (CEO of Icecat), who presents the company’s strategies and IPO.