10 november – Last week there was abundant response to Icecat’s IPO announcement of November 3, 2016. Mainly in the financial press in The Netherlands, but also Italy.

Financieel Dagblad kicked off with an extensive article: Icecat to SME exchange NPEX (“Icecat naar mkb-beurs NPEX”). FD says “Hardly anyone knows them, but almost everyone has used their services” which is a good positioning of Icecat’s Business-to-business (B2B) position in the e-business market.

That’s why NPEX, calls Icecat an “E-business pearl”, that is “hoping to raise 10 million euro in the coming months” via its trading platform.

Telegraaf mentions that Icecat will be listed at the NPEX exchange  and mentions that the AFM (Dutch Authority Financial Markets) approved prospectus of Icecat.

Also the ‘Financial Times of Italy’, Il Sole 24 Ore, describes in her print version the IPO listing process of Icecat, in which 9% of the shares are floated.

 stresses the fact that the publisher (Icecat) wants to raise 10 million euro at the SME exchange (NPEX). (“Uitgever productinformatie wil 10 miljoen ophalen op mkb-beurs”) and highlights that Icecat wants to use the raised capital to expand its catalogs with product data.

The e-commerce press also paid attention to the IPO plans of Icecat: Emerce mentions that Icecat does an IPO and cites ceo Martijn Hoogeveen saying that “the product content market is still a Blue Ocean, uncharted territory, but a potential multi-billion market.” Twinkle further opined that Icecat found an “untapped market”.
Also the IT press – Dutch IT channel and Channel Connect – cover Icecat’s IPO announcement extensively.