Hall, June 16th 2015

DG press, a press manufacturer, is always searching for solutions to help printers in optimizing the printing process. PITSID is an innovating company for the printing industry, with a lot of experience in plate positioning. The company was founded in 1999 as a sister company of the Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie Leipzig (SID).

PITSID has started two years ago with the development of an automatic plate positioning system, which can be integrated in a plate bender. The automatic plate bender will help printers in reducing failures in the plate bending process.

From 15th June 2015 both companies work together in the development and sales of the automatic plate bender. All sales enquiries will be handled by the DG press sales team.

Mr. Remko Koolbergen, Director at the Dutch web offset specialist DG press commented: “We see this step as a logical move into providing even more service and development to our customers”.

Also Dr. J. Stopporka, Managing Director PITSID, sees benefits in the cooperation: “The printing presses from DG press are the most interesting kind of application for this technical solution. The effect of an extreme exact plate bending is especially important with the sleeve technology used by DG press”.