Hall, May 29th 2015

Per June 1 this year, DG press gets exclusivity for all sales activities of VSOP and Thallo sleeves of Pressparts, while Pressparts keeps its responsibility for the production. The companies will work together on improving lead time and further development of sleeves.

The offset sleeves of Pressparts are made of aluminum to reduce weight and are strong enough to resist the highest impression forces. Since 2010, Pressparts offers manufacturers and printers highly robust and accurate printing cylinders to guarantee a higher output and high print quality with all the variable sleeve offset presses in the world.

Mr. Remko Koolbergen,  Director at the Dutch web offset specialist DG press commented: “We have a long-term relationship with Pressparts and only want to offer our customers the best quality available with the shortest lead time. We see this step as a logical move into providing even more service and development to our customers.”.

Also Mr. Boudewijn Hout, Owner/Director at the Dutch Offsetsleeve manufacturer Pressparts, sees benefits for the future: “The cooperation with DG press helps us free more time to concentrate on production optimization and technical development”.

All sales enquiries for Pressparts VSOP and Thallo offset sleeves will be handled by the DG press sales team. For more information or requests, contact by phone: +31 (0) 313 671911 or by email: [email protected].