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  • Icecat shareholders agree on exit co-founder

    30 October 2018
    The 6.7% of ordinary shares Icecat that where still owned by Snijders Invest, the holding of co-founder and former CCO Erik Snijders, are acquired by the other Icecat shareholders: iMerge B.V., E-nvest B.V., Stichting Administratie-Kantoor Icecat, and SA Rocks OÜ, the joint Estonian holding of co-founders Olena Velychko (Editor-in-Chief) and Sergii Shvets (CTO).
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  • Listed Icecat revenues expanded 20% in Q3 2018

    15 October 2018
    Alibaba teams up with Icecat. The quarterly revenues of Icecat N.V., the listed publisher of product data for the global e-commerce market, expanded by 19.7% to 2.13 million euro during Q3-2018, compared to the same period one year earlier. The profit before taxes expanded by 64% to 516K euro thanks to an improved gross profit and relatively decreasing operating costs.
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  • Icecat’s revenues expanded 24% in first half-year 2018

    01 August 2018
    Icecat N.V., the listed publisher of product data for the e-commerce market, enjoyed an annual revenues growth rate that accelerated to 24.4% over the first six months of 2018 (from 21.5% one year earlier), and led to revenues of 4.2 million euro during this period. Both the national and international business contributed to the growth.
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  • Icecat Revenues Expanded by 17% in 2017; Innovation Focused on PIM and ICURY Loyalty Token

    27 June 2018
    According to its annual report 2017, Icecat accelerated its revenues growth rate to 17% year-on-year. Net profit and EBITDA were more or less stable as the strategic focus had been on investing in faster growth. There were no significant changes in number of staff and (ICT) investments during 2017, compared to one year earlier.
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  • GS1 and Icecat develop fashion database with Wehkamp, Bijenkorf, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein

    25 May 2018
    GS1 officially started in the Netherlands a collaboration with Icecat and leading players in the fashion industry: Fashion Base. The goal is to create a product catalogue with product data for fashion ecommerce and retail, and can be easily shared between manufacturers and their channel partners.
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