Issuing shares

What do you need to issue shares?


From what amount upwards: Minimal capital need: € 500,000   
Track record:
In principle, the company has existed for at least 3 years
Valuation: If the issue is made to the public at large, a third party will make a valuation of the company.


After completing the standard documentation (among other things based on the NPEX model prospectus) the shares can be listed on the NPEX trading platform and subscribed for by investors. The company itself determines the minimum number of subscriptions to allow the shares to be actually issued.  After subscription has closed the shares are issued to the investors and payment is made to the company.

Issuing shares in a closed stock market environment

A closed stock market environment is particularly suitable for family businesses, businesses with employees’ shares and businesses that want to raise capital but only want to supply information to the interested investors that they themselves select. 

Publicity on issuing shares

A public market listing gives a company extra allure, not just attracting media attention but also the attention of different stakeholders such as suppliers and buyers. This gives companies the possibilities of generating extra attention and thereby sales. Raising money is naturally important but so is the ability to market the company and its products.

More information

We want to make it as easy as possible for companies to follow the procedure. For more information please contact NPEX at + 31​ 70 385 15 30 or