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Frasers centrepoint

Frasers Property launches One-Time Offer

Frasers Property launches One-Time Offer for remaining Free-Float Depositary Receipts at EUR 3.74 per Depositary Receipt

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DBS2 Factoring
Amount loan € 999​,000
Minimum amount € 999​,000
Issue price € 1​,000
Interest ​​5%*
* with Government Guarantee

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Industrial gas supply 

HyGear Holding
Depositary Receipts
Amount loan
€ 2,499​,985



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€ 2.499.000
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BOB Autowas B.V.
Amount loan € 2,499​,000
Minimum amount € 1​,​200​,000
Issue price € 1​,000
Interest ​​7%

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“The banks are more reluctant in their financing. That’s when we found NPEX. The collaboration was very satisfying. It has professionalized our organization enormously.” 

Michaël Truijen, ​CEO Trotter

​Bond loan

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NPEX ​Enterprise Fund

SME stock exchange NPEX launches, in cooperation with pension fund ABP and NIBC, the NPEX Enterprise Fund of 25 million euro. Dutch companies that want to raise money through the listing of bond loans on NPEX can invoke on  this fund of 25 million euro.

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About NPEX

NPEX, the stock exchange for small and medium-sized enterprises, focuses on companies looking for growth capital upwards of € ​1,000,000. Companies can issue shares or bonds ​by providing standard documentation.

Furthermore, NPEX aims to provide investors ​with the opportunity to directly invest in SMEs, the engine of the Dutch economy.