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Specifications bond the Vegetarian Butcher

Company The Vegetarian Butcher
Amount of bond € 2.499.500
Number of bonds 4.999 bonds
Interest 5% yearly, monthly payment
Duration 7 year
Issue date 16 November 2015
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Who is the Vegetarian Butcher?

The Vegetarian Butcher is like an old-fashioned family butcher's shop, but without meat or fish. The Vegetarian Butcher is the first of its kind not to use slaughtered animals. Now you can experience the art of good eating on the basis of vegetables and pulses. Our guiding ideal is for meat-eaters to realise that they are really not missing out if they skip a day or two without meat. Jaap Korteweg is 9th in a long line of organic arable farmers. So convinced did he become by the idea of a plant-based future, that in 2010 he started up the world's first-ever Vegetarian Butcher in The Hague. The Vegetarian Butcher concept has since expanded to supply well over 2,600 sales outlets, such as supermarkets, delicatessens and restaurants, in 13 different countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and South Korea.

The Vegetarian Butcher was voted 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year, was awarded the Triodos Hart prize, received high approval ratings for the NIMA marketing awards, won the Smaak van Nederland award with its vegetarian smoked eel salad, and received the bronze medal in the 'golden meatball' competition run by De Telegraaf newspaper, fighting off competition from 43 other entrants using real meat.

Driven by an ambition to become the largest butcher in the world, we have issued a bond loan to help finance the construction and installation of a new Vegetarian Butcher production plant. A 5% interest will be paid on all bonds for the production plant, maturing over a period of 7 years. Those who have purchased bonds will also be eligible to 5% discount on all purchases from the concept store in The Hague or from the webshop. In addition, in recognition of your support in helping to instigate the development of what could be one of the greatest ever revolutions in food, we can have your name mentioned on the production plant.

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