DG press HoldinG

8% ​subordinated bond

DG press HoldinG Obligatie
Company DG press HoldinG B.V.
Amount invested € 934.000
Number of bonds 934 bonds of € 1.000
Interest 8%  per year, monthly interest
Maturity 5 years, until 2020
Subordinated The bonds are subordinated from all claims
Release date 11-03-2015
0:00 / 0:00

Who is DG press?

The DG press GrouP specializes in providing services for Drent Goebel offset printing presses. In 2009 12 ex-employees of the former Drent Goebel company successfully continued the activities of its predecessor. At this moment, the DG press Group employs 65 employees. We add value to a loyal customer base worldwide by combining specialist knowledge with flexibility and continuous innovation. We develop solutions for our customers in the fields of equipment for rotary offset print. We are a manufacturer of offset printing presses for printing on paper and film materials. Our latest development is the Thallo which is specifically designed for the printing of film for flexible packaging applications. The flexible packaging market faces continuous growth and market trends in favor of our printing technology as brand owners seek packaging for their growing number of SKU’s that stand out on the shelves. The printing of these flexible material in offset demands a very consistent and accurate control of the material in the press. This particular knowledge is one of the strengths of the employees in our company.

What is the purpose of the issue of the subordinated bonds

We will use proceeds of the issue for the cost of development and setting up an assembly line as well as marketing the Thallo. The Thallo is a very innovative offset printing press that will be presented as a proven concept on the DRUPA (the largest trade fair in the industry) in 2015. The new press starts a new generation of offset printing presses which can offer an attractive production solution for printing low volume and short run flexible packaging. Not only is the use of offset more cost effective than current technologies, but an increasingly important factor is the solvent-free inks being used that are much more friendly for the environment to contribute to a social responsible solution for flexible packaging printers. The Thallo will be leading in an increasingly competitive market and can print nearly all packaging of products that are being sold in supermarkets worldwide.
The Thallo is a development started in 2012 and has cost us 1,5 million EURO which has been funded internally and by means of crowdfunding. For further development, setting up a lean assembly line, and for a well-planned market entry we need additional financing.

Experience van DG press in the sector ?

The people that work for DG press GrouP have decades of experience in the development, assembly and operations of offset printing presses. The majority of these printing presses are already in use for printing flexible material. The employees have specific and unique knowledge and experience in the field of printing flexible material with offset printing presses and developing and assembling printing presses is in the DNA of the company. An existing loyal customer base guarantees a constant order portfolio for the upcoming years. 

Forecast of the entity?

The DG press GrouP will grow steadily to a Medium Size Enterprise of over 100 employees. In the third quarter of 2015, the first two printing presses will be delivered to two “launching customers” and the new assembly line will be operational.